MUI icons

Version 1.0

by Alan Hendry

This app displays a list of MUI icons. It will run on Premium and non-Premium devices. The tool displays the icon names, which you can filter with the "Search for" box. When you touch an entry then the icon name, code-point and icon are shown on the right in 4 forms (Regular, Outline, Sharp and Two Tone). (Rounded forms don't seem to show, so are commented out). If you touch a icon name or code-point on the right then they are copied to the clipboard.

You can use the icon names (like 3d_rotation) in MUI apps You can actually use the icons in non-MUI apps like this. bt = app.AddButton(lay,"\ue000") // ue000 is the code-point for the icon bt.SetFontFile( "Misc/MaterialIcons-Regular.ttf") // include ttf in your Misc folder bt.SetTextSize("50") The fonts are included in the app (so it's over a megabyte).

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